A Building Property Manager’s Guide To Preventive Property Maintenance Services

Updated: May 1, 2020

The Benefits Of Proper Preventive Painting Maintenance Are Immense, Yet Are Entirely Contingent On Hiring A High-Quality Preventive Property Maintenance Service Provider

Preventive Painting Numbers Among The Most Critical Property Manager Duties...

Preventive painting (maintenance painting) is a vital part of any preventive property maintenance service strategy [1]. It not only increases rental values and attracts higher-paying tenants, but (when done right) it can also dramatically diminish the direct/indirect costs of facilities maintenance. That means preventive painting not only makes a property look more valuable; it actually adds value while minimizing some of the biggest financial risks of ownership.

… Especially For Property Management Companies In NYC

That said, working with the wrong preventive painting company can be incredibly costly for building property managers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the surrounding areas. Not only is some property damage unavoidable (sometimes tenants damage the place), but under NYC tenants’ rights laws, you’re obligated to repaint occupied multiple dwellings every three years (common areas must be similarly maintained, though the frequency is not so strictly regimented).

The big thing, here, is that repainting is also required on an as-needed basis if the paint job/wall-covering degrades to an unacceptable level before the three years’ time is up [2]. By contrast, interior painting maintenance can be delayed up to two additional years so long as the tenant is happy and the property manager can show that the paint/wall-covering is holding up better than expected.

That’s where working with a high-quality preventive painting professional comes in: if you work with the best painting maintenance service provider, you can expect to spend less time and money painting (and repainting). Because the best preventive painting services yield results with above-average performance and endurance.

What Makes Preventive Painting “Preventive,” Anyway?

How we think about preventive/maintenance painting is founded on the theory that any building or income property will have a longer functional life and a higher lifetime value if the paint and wall-coverings are kept to a consistent standard and treated with protective materials.

Put simply, preventive painting is a preventive property maintenance service that involves creating a planned painting maintenance schedule and making conditional arrangements for maintenance painting services to ensure the building always looks its best. The point is to maintain the value of the property and also provide visual proof to prospective tenants of its value (making them more motivated to pay more rent).

The most significant goal of preventive painting — like all preventive maintenance services — is to minimize the impact of aging on the building and, consequently, extending the functional life of the structure (maximizing the property owner’s effective use of it) under the most efficient cost structure possible [3]. More specifically, preventive/maintenance painting aims to stave off the development of paint defects (including fading, chipping, cracking, peeling, etc.) in order to enhance curb-appeal, positively influence tenants’ (and potential tenants’) impressions of the building, and reduce the need for replacement (paint stripping, wallpaper removal) and other repairs.

How Preventive Painting (& The Best Painting Maintenance Service Providers) Help Property Managers Generate Profits

There are different approaches to maintenance painting  — including as a part of both planned and programmed preventive maintenance services [4]. Plus, individual building property managers’ strategies will differ slightly in their painting maintenance frequency, seasonality, and their specific goals given the regular uses, traffic volume, building materials, and other building-specific considerations [5].

Yet high-quality preventive painting practices all include both pre-planned and as-needed surface repair services (skim coating, taping, and plastering of plaster, drywall, and wood) under a variety of different damage circumstances (including everyday and environmental degradation). Moreover, the very best preventive property maintenance services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the surrounding boroughs, like ALG Painting Services, Inc, provide full-property, full-service preventive painting services following NYC Administrative Code §27-2013 [6].

That’s because bringing in multiple contractors to accomplish the different maintenance painting goals outlined under NYC tenants’ rights laws increases costs. Plus, bringing in many hands in an attempt to secure consistent-quality work also causes the downtime between rental contracts, the inconveniences faced by tenants, and risks of receiving poor-quality painting maintenance services (and then needing to repair them) to skyrocket.

Painting Maintenance Protects Property Values

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Time and again, empirical study of the effects of well-planned preventive property maintenance services illustrate that preventive painting and planned maintenance painting are vital parts of any property management strategy. Moreover, studies also show that there is a direct correlation between proactive preventive property maintenance services and the efficacy of ongoing maintenance activities [7]. The more — and more regularly — any building property manager arranges for preventive painting and planned maintenance painting services, the more effective those services are in achieving their goals.

What’s more, preventive painting and planned maintenance painting align with recent, rapidly-growing trends in socially conscious property management [8]. That is, property managers’ duties have (and are continuing to expand) to focus more on effectively implementing preventive maintenance services across a building’s lifecycle as a tool for sustainable property development.

By this kind of thinking, preventive/maintenance painting is also a critical tool for sustaining the life of any structure, as regular and seasonal washing and/or other preventive property maintenance services may shorten paint lifespan and diminish corrosion performance and other vital functions of specialty paints [9]. This latter function can be especially useful for spaces that contain fire-escapes, metal gates, metal staircases, and other metal features, as a high-quality painting maintenance service provider will be able to protect these specialty features from the damage caused by corrosion, including rusting and deterioration.

So not only does preventive painting increase rental values by way of improving curb-appeal; it also actively fights property value depreciation and can be used to increase the marketable sustainability of the property.

Tenant-Facing Benefits Of Painting Maintenance

From a tenant’s perspective, a well-maintained building is worth more than one that shows more signs of aging. That concept of worth translates directly to the rental costs tenants are willing to pay. Specifically, the way building maintenance slows or actively combats depreciation has a huge impact on acceptable rental prices [10].

That’s because nothing keeps your tenants happier at home (in your building) — both in their private apartments and when walking throughout the common areas of their home or workspace — than seeing clean painted surfaces and beautiful paint color finishes. Nobody wants to live in a space that feels dirty, dark, or otherwise unmaintained.

Plus, when you work with a high-quality preventive painting service provider, you’re likely to gain some unexpected benefits that come with working with specialized technicians. For example, when you work with ALG Painting Services, Inc, you benefit from our expertise in using color to enhance the visual and emotional impact of your property. Using the science of color, we’re able to use the right colors in your space to help evoke emotions of inspiration, power, success, peace, tranquility, etc. among your tenants (making them more likely to pay more and remain in longer leases!) [11].

Lastly, as a property management company, investing in your property’s appearance sends a clear message to your tenants: you value their safety and comfort, you care about and are willing to invest in maintaining the appearance of their respective property. This positions you as a credible, desirable property manager (in opposition to everything people fear about landlords) [12].

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A Note About The Quality Of Preventive Property Maintenance Services:

We can’t speak for every preventive maintenance service provider, but we can promise that our preventive painting services extend far beyond simply patching and painting walls. That’s because the best maintenance painting service providers have the knowledge, tools, and technical training to create tailored painting maintenance plans to meet different spaces’ needs. Those needs differ between individual apartment units, common areas, staircases, basements, parking garages, etc. and require working with a variety of surface materials ranging from drywall and plaster to flooring, concrete, cinder block, sprinkler and other pipes, and stairway materials.

Where preventive painting raises profit potential and lowers operational costs, working with the best painting maintenance service provider in your area (that’s us!) further drops costs and can streamline your property’s preventive maintenance service processes.

The Best Preventive Property Maintenance Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, & Queens Specialize In Preventive Painting

Given everything discussed above, it should be no surprise to find out that the top-rated preventive property maintenance service providers almost always offer specialized preventive painting maintenance services. After all, the consequences of poor painting maintenance are far-reaching. They impact the valuation and profit-potential of a property, the tenant’s perception of the property manager (and the relationship between the two parties), an can dramatically drive up both up-front and ongoing costs for any income building property.

That’s why preventive painting maintenance is an essential business expense and a high priority in any preventive property maintenance service plan. Preventive painting and painting maintenance are more than just an add-on to other property manager duties; they are critical to the success of every building property management strategy. If you’re interested in finding out what that means for the property you manage, contact ALG Painting Services, Inc by calling 718-571-9669 or filling out an online contact form.

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