The Benefits of Cabinet Painting vs. Replacing Cabinets

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

If you are considering remodeling your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations are very popular right now, according to recent statistics. Upgrades in these rooms increase both the resale value of the property and the resident's quality of life [1]. In terms of the cost of upgrades in the kitchen and/or bathroom, cabinetry upgrades account for nearly a third of the total remodeling budget [2,3]. Cabinet painting is a budget-friendly option that you should consider. The chart below is a breakdown of what to expect when deciding whether to paint your existing cabinets or replace them entirely

From the average costs, cabinet replacement cost is at least four times higher than cabinet painting costs. Therefore, cabinet painting is the more cost-effective option for updating your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets. It also involves a smaller scope of work and can take fewer days to complete. However, a lower cost and convivence are not the only benefit of cabinet painting over replacement. There are more. 

Other Benefits of Painting Cabinets Over Replacing Cabinets

Great Option for Re-adjusting Finances for Big Renovation Projects

If you were ever involved with any kind of construction renovation, then you're likely to experience un-foreseen additional service costs that sometimes cannot be avoided. This may exhaust the projected budget. Assuming your original plan was cabinet replacement and your current cabinets still being structurally and cosmetically sound, then painting your cabinets may be an ideal option for your budget. 

You Get to Keep Your Cherished Cabinets

Sometimes, homeowners develop a sentimental attachment to cabinets that were significantly customized. In this case, cabinet painting is a great option because it allows them to update their kitchen or bathroom without losing the treasured sentimental value. 

Unlimited Color Choices Repainting cabinets gives you an opportunity to: 

  • Express your personality using the science of color 

  • Create seamless design integration with the rest of the home

  • Update your cabinets more frequently 

These options are a bit limited when you decide to replace the cabinets entirely.













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